About Aikido

All Aikido techniques begin and end with the principle of non-dissension. We must be able to remain peaceful in our daily lives and in all situations. Shinshin Toistu Aikido teaches non-dissension by eliminating the idea of a conflict in our hearts as well as in the hearts of others.

If you physically struggle to throw a person, you are performing with a fighting mind. A fight is bound to result. But if you move a person's mind, their body will gladly follow. By leading their mind, you avoid conflict and collision. You lead them to a place where they already have chosen to go.

"The absolute universe is One. Then two opposing forces appeared, and the relative world was born. "In the Orient this dualism is called yin and yang, in the West plus and minus. A bright and happy life is called plus life, and a dark, gloomy one is called minus. "Let us eliminate every minus thought and strive for plus life henceforth."


Four Basic Principles

To realize the (original) unity of mind and body (bodymind).

1. Keep One Point - Principle of the mind
    Seika no iten ni kokoro o shizumei toitsu suru.
    Calmly realize (your) mind at the one point
    in (your) lower abdomen.

2. Relax Completely - Principle of the body
    Zenshin no chikara o kanzen ni nuku.
    Completely release all tension from
    the entire body/mind and emotion.

3. Keep Weight Underside - Principle of the body
    Karada no subete no bubun no omome o
    sono saikabu ni oku.

    Let the weight of every part of the body settle
    at its lowest point.

4. Extend Ki - Principle of the mind
    Ki o dasu.
    Extend Ki.


The Ki Society International was established in 1971 by Koichi Tohei, 10th dan in Aikido. Tohei Sensei was awarded this highest rank directly by Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei. The purpose of the Ki Society is to teach the principles of Ki which are based on Aikido arts and which show the way to coordinate and unify mind and body.

People practicing Aikido can benefit greatly from the teachings of the Ki Society. If we perform the arts of Aikido with only physical strength, our power is limited, and we will not be able to throw a bigger or stronger opponent. But, if we master the principles of Ki, we will have the strength of mind and body unified and be able to throw even big men easily. Also, while the techniques of Aikido must not be used except in an extreme emergency, the teachings of Ki Society can be applied in our everyday life.

The Ki Society teaches not "how to say" but "how to do."


The Five Disciplines

1. Ki no Kokyuho (Ki Breathing Methods)

2. Ki no Ishiho (Ki Meditation)

3. Sokushin no Gyo (Bell Meditation)

4. Kiatsu Ryoho (Personal Therapy and Healing)

5. Aikido Waza



South Carolina Ki Aikido

1014 Wade Hampton Blvd. Suite 9B, Greenville, SC 29609
On the lower level, behind the building.